The Alaris Team

ALARIS Properties, LLC formerly Realty Professionals of America, Inc. was formed over thirty years ago as a full-service real estate firm. Previously the owner the Colorado Century 21 franchise, we are now an independent firm. At ALARIS we serve the needs of buyers, sellers and investors by providing the most comprehensive programs available TODAY. Whether you need to sell your home, buy a home, become an investor or merely need questions answered, we are here to provide you with the help you need whether you are a first time home buyer or have a million dollar transaction planned.

ALARIS Properties, LLC, is keeping you in the loop with our 7-point customer Service Code:

  1. We deeply care about our clients, we listen carefully so we can determine how we will best be able to serve you.
  2. Once we have agreed on a plan of action, we work diligently to help you achieve your goals and objectives;
  3. In real estate there are a lot of balls to drop, we specialize in not dropping them.
  4. By providing comprehensive market knowledge, we provide a worry free, enjoyable sales / purchase experience.
  5. We help you ask the right questions to avoid future problems.
  6. We work in conjunction with many professionals so that we can guide you to get the best help available for financing, repairs, upgrades, etc.
  7. Each of our agents has specialized knowledge and we work as a team so that you can take advantage of our collective wisdom.

Jon Terry

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Jon founded ALARIS Properties, LLC to meet the needs of buyers, sellers and investors by providing the most comprehensive programs available today. Formerly a member of the executive team of LHD Enterprises where Jon oversaw several departmental functions, including management of the Colorado region and head of the entrepreneurial group, while handling all legal affairs for the company’s Colorado, New England and Upstate New York offices. In addition, Jon served as President of Venture Partners LLC, a business incubator and accelerator. In his role as President, Jon consulted with start-up businesses concerning formation and financial issues.

Graduating Summa Cum Laude (Valedictorian) from Phillips University with a quadruple major in English, History, Political Science and Psychology with a minor in German, he later earned his juris doctorate from the prestigious Northwestern School of Law. While attending college, he involved himself in politics and worked as a speech writer and campaign manager for a candidate of the House of Representatives. Additionally, Jon had the opportunity to write speeches for other high profile political figures.

Jon became a partner in a law firm emphasizing business law, business litigation, domestic relations and employment law. Jon also served as general counsel to several businesses, including a large computer outsourcing and software firm. Jon has assisted several clients in contract negotiations for RFPs. He developed an expertise in converting corporations to LLCs. Jon has represented real estate firms (commercial and residential), two mortgage brokerages, retail stores, trucking companies, a fragrance company and a large furniture store.

Jon has a keen ability to analyze complex situations and come up with creative solutions. Building on his talent, Jon became a licensed real estate broker and assists clients using his core values of integrity, honesty, forthrightness, trustworthiness, loyalty and valor. Jon has become a professional problem solver, and believes that service through humility produces mutual reward.

Daniel Beckerle

Daniel is a rare Denver native and knows the metropolitan area like the back of his hand. As a result, he is adept at finding properties and knowing the best-kept secrets in terms of neighborhoods and communities. Further, he has an amazing ability to market property as well as help clients find the perfect home. On our team, he is in charge of searching for properties and crafting niche marketing plans. Today, all real estate marketing plans include an Internet strategy, and Daniel knows how to put the Internet to work for you.

Daniel began his professional career in broadcast journalism and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Colorado–Denver. He is well respected for his hard work, commitment to excellence, and diligence, both in his career and avocations. For many years, Daniel taught gymnastics and yoga. He is a true athlete and brings the required level of concentration and “never quit” attitude to real estate. With Daniel on your team, you can be assured you will find the best home, leaving no stone unturned.

Daniel believes that knowledge is power, and he puts the time into doing your homework for you. In addition to his thoroughness, he is extremely service-oriented. Daniel worked in the restaurant industry, both as a waiter and a manager. In these positions, he learned the fine art of meeting and exceeding people’s expectations.

In addition to his academic training and his core competencies, some of Daniel’s strongest skills are working with others and team building. In short, he is accustomed to doing whatever it takes to get the job done correctly. If you’re ready to find your dream home or the perfect investment, Daniel is here to assist you.

Loren FuentesLoren Fuentes

Loren grew up in the Midwest and she carries with her that solid values system.  She has been a Colorado resident for almost half of her life and for her, this is home.  She was graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science and Geography.  This degree helps her to achieve a wonderful balance between Nature and Community.

Loren and her husband owned a business in Pine for six years. Through hard work and ingenuity, she and her husband transformed an antiquated business into a bustling, successful Bed & Breakfast – complete with all the latest industry technology. Part of the business model was to create and grow an onsite wedding business. As one of her responsibilities, Loren served as Wedding Coordinator, in which she worked with brides-to-be and their parents to create one of the most spectacular days of their lives.  Through this process, she developed an acute ability to anticipate client’s needs by using strong listening skills, thus creating solid relationships while producing high results. In running the business and working with clients to create one of the biggest events of their lives, Loren developed many skills so essential to business and life today.

Loren believes in the strength of collaboration – using each other’s strengths to maximize the benefit for clients. By using the collaborative knowledge of her entire team, she ensures that her clients receive the best possible service along with the best results, which includes going the extra mile. Moreover, she not only knows the market and value, but she also knows the neighborhoods and the hidden gems of our area where great deals can be found. As a mother, she is also keenly aware of the importance of school districts and will help you ask the right questions concerning education.

Loren is both a Broker Associate and a Short Sale Negotiator. As you may imagine, incredible persistence and tenacity are mandatory as a short sale negotiator, and she brings these skills to bear no matter how she is helping clients. With Loren as your Realtor®, you can rest assured you have one of the best in the business on your side.

Armond Azharian

Armond has lived in Colorado since 1965 and began his real estate only three years later. Since then, he has bought, sold, and held millions of dollars of real estate. He is the true test of How to Become a Millionaire in Real Estate.

During his career, he successfully owned, operated and sold numerous start-up businesses. His passion and success continues to be real estate. He has taught his success to many brokers and clients, and they are successful today and thankful for the knowledge they have received from Armond.

He has one daughter, Christina, who has followed in footsteps in real estate. There are many others for whom he represents the “pen-ultimate” mentor and advisor.

Armond is a member of DBR, NAR, MHE, CRE, EMS, and the National Council of Exchangors.