Get Your Home Ready for the Spring Real Estate Selling Surge

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Most real estate markets have some degree of seasonality and Colorado is no exception. As the snow melts, the housing prices begin to bloom. Real estate professionals know this phenomenon as the Spring Selling Surge, occurring between March and May. Here are a few ways to make your home stand out during this year’s surge, so you can maximize your return on investment.

real estate spring selling surge

  1. Understand what is motivating buyers

stagingRight after the holidays, there is a noticeable uptick in real estate activity. According to, most buyers in the state expect to see more options available as the weather warms up. This increases both inventory and competition in the market, growing the potential for above-ask offers. Most families will be more motivated knowing they have a limited timeframe to close on a house if they have children in school.

  1. Put all personal items in storage

5 Home Staging Mistakes

Monday, September 12th, 2016

Stage your House

  1. Forgetting About Natural Light – A home that looks dark will not be appealing to buyers. When staging your home it is important to be conscious of furniture placement. Avoid blocking off any light with heavy curtains because this may weigh down the house. If your home has attractive views, consider forgetting curtains all together as to not distract from your landscape.
  2. Outdated – It is no surprise that modern and chic is the way to go when trying to appeal to new buyers. Outdated qualities to your home such as, wallpaper, old fixtures, window coverings or furniture will make it difficult for buyers to picture themselves living in your home.
  3. Unclean – This means doing more than your weekly cleaning. Maybe hiring a professional cleaner would be beneficial if you hate to take the time to deep clean your home. When your home looks spotless, buyers will not hesitate to put an offer in on the house.

Time to Sell, Now What?

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

The minute you know it’s time to sell your home, start thinking value.  Which home improvements will yield the highest price and which aesthetic staging will make potential homebuyers fall in love?  Value is determined when buyers weigh the work and cost they’ll have to invest after purchase against the ready-made improvements they’ll enjoy upon taking possession.  Value is also found in the buyer’s ability to see themselves in your home.  The following value-added pointers can be your guideline.

Downsize Personal Clutter Buyers will have a hard time picturing themselves in the house, if they only see remnants of you in your home.  Take down photographs, kid’s drawings, personal taste décor, and sentimental knick knacks.  This will allow the buyer to visualize a new reality, one where he pays you to take over your home.  Additionally, removing your personal affects gives you time to detach and let go of your space.  Make it easier to say good-bye as you hand over the keys.

Selling your home?

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

When you prepare to sell your home, it is very common to experience a whole host of emotions. Most experience excitement about moving, reluctance to leave the home they created, and confusion about value. There are several steps to get ready to sell your home. While you are getting ready, you will do yourself a favor to keep in mind that you are emotional and the prospective buyers are going to be emotional as well.