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Real Estate
Jon is a leader in real estate knowledge; teaches certified courses to fellow Agents.

The founder and Managing Broker of Alaris is an Attorney.

All Alaris team members live in Colorado and know how to enjoy the lifestyle here.

The Alaris team has the experience to make your journey enjoyable and worry free.

The Alaris team is especially adept at being your eyes and ears as you review property: Pointing out hidden flaws, potential problems, market factors; fair pricing; negotiable items, etc.

If Alaris is selling your property, they provide top level market research, sales strategies, and procedural advice.

Every real estate journey begins with a conversation; We want to know your concerns, objectives and questions. You can call 303-526-7400 or e-mail to arrange a convenient conference call or a Zoom meeting.

Thank you and wishing you well,

The Alaris Team

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Did you miss our Real Estate Q&A? If so, we have you can watch it below. Some of the topics covered were the status of the Colorado real estate market, how


As we migrate to the mountains to view the changing leaves and start to curate our family’s costumes for Halloween, it is also time to think about preparing your home for winter.

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“Jon Terry has always amazed me with his knowledge and thorough understanding of real estate law and practice. He is the quintessential professional. But what impresses me most is his genuine concern for me and my interests as his client and partner. He understands that business is not about closing deals… that it is about helping people succeed for the benefit of all involved.”

Ted Cekan

"The fact that they were cheerful and attentive during the whole process makes them seem a bit unbelievable…but that’s it…you worriers will find that Alaris is unbelievable!”

Home Seller

They educated me on the process, worked in a timely fashion, kept me informed, followed up, and were detail oriented in selling my home in Evergreen.

“I am a worrier. I found the company was built specifically for people like me — Alaris Properties."

“We have bought and sold many homes and it’s a chore. However in purchasing our new home with Alaris Properties, we actually had fun. Great, first rate people!”

Home Buyer

“Jon is an amazing human being, not to mention Realtor®. We first started talking about buying a house many moons ago and I am still impressed with the attention and accountability that one gets when working with Jon and his team. As a lawyer and expert in real estate, Jon shares his knowledge with clients and left me feeling like I was in extremely capable hands. I will never go to anyone aside from Jon in the future for any of my real estate needs. Thanks Jon!”

Danny Aguilar

“Jon Terry helped me sell a live/work building not only as a realtor but also from the perspective of an attorney, thinking about what might possibly go wrong with the deal and keeping me informed all along the way and then making sure all the “i’s” were dotted and “t’s” were crossed on the paperwork. He also got me 2 days extra time after the closing was done to finalize my move which I very much needed. He was able to succeed in this sale that another agent was unable to complete a couple of years earlier. I originally got his contact info from another property he sold in my neighborhood. I’m glad I found him!!”

Robert Ebeling DC

“For some reason, our home purchase had many sticky issues. With a lawyer as a managing broker — particularly one like Jon with his assured way with people — Alaris lets you glide through issues that other companies might have turned into massive, expensive delays. I know firsthand now that ‘knowledge is the key’. Thanks.”

Home Buyer

“Jon not only has an incredible knowledge base in Real Estate and Law, he is knowledgeable on so many other levels he amazes me. But more important, Jon is kind, humble and a real partner when working together. He has also become a treasured friend and trusted advisor. I put 100% faith in him and his ability to perform beyond your expectations.”

Amy Hertling-Johnson

“Jon is a wonderful resource in this volatile market. He is such an expert and has helped my family and friends buy and sell homes. We are so grateful for his knowledge and he is so reliable and trustworthy. After knowing him and working with him I would not recommend or use anyone else for any real estate transaction. He is the best!!”

Masturah Gharibyar