Real Estate Q&A with Jon

Are you looking to buy or sell property or land and have questions?

Interested in keeping up on the current Colorado Real Estate Market?

Jon Terry and the Alaris team have you covered.

We offer a LIVE, virtual, webinar where Jon Terry takes a quick but deep dive into the current real estate market and then answers any of the questions you may have.

Watch Past Episodes

Episode #5 - September 2022

  • Why is Denver experiencing a slight decline in population for the first time in ten years.
  • How student debt forgiveness – if it passes in Colorado – will impact the real estate market.
  • Why Denver properties are experiencing a slight decline
    even though inventories remain very low.
  • Is Denver metro and Colorado still a seller’s market?
    What is going on with interest rates?
  • Are rent levels also declining along with home prices?
  • Also Jon answers questions during Q & A.

Episode #4 - July 2022

  • Will the equity gains Coloradans have enjoyed be rolled back?
  • Will consumer confidence be eroded to the point that home buying freezes?
  • Are there still hot neighborhoods in Colorado?
  • Are institutional buyers now gobbling up Colorado real estate homes and crowding out family buyers?
  • Are price wars in Colorado now a thing of the past?
  • How will the sudden, and unheard of, increase of 68.85% in available homes impact Coloradans?

Episode #3 - May 2022

Are we headed toward a housing bubble?

  • What is the Fed doing with interest rates and why
  • Has the increase in mortgage rates discouraged or encouraged buyer urgency
  • Are we now in a sellers’ market or a buyers’ market
  • How does Colorado real estate differ from the national outlook at this time
  • Even with a hot market, why is overpricing your home an unwise sales strategy

Episode #2 - March 2022

  • Why highest offers may not be good enough.?
  • What is an appraisal gap guarantee?
  • How do “rent backs” help home sellers?
  • Just how “aggressive” must buyers be in the current Colorado market?
  • After the fire, what is going on with Marshall properties?

Episode #1 - December 2021

Colorado real estate market overview

  • How do I accurately price my home?
  • What are some appraisal strategies?
  • iBuyer Programs
  • How do I making my offer stand out?
  • and more…