Love Where You Live: 10 Colorado Landscaping Musts

Apr 10, 2017

Colorado has a very unique climate, which can make landscaping difficult. Depending on where in the state you live, there can be drastic differences in what you plant and how you landscape your property.  Here are 10 tips and must-haves for any Coloradan looking to renovate their landscape.

landscaping in a dry climate

  1. Tip: Trust the pros at McMahon Landscaping

McMahon is locally owned and operated. They service both residential and commercial needs, and travel all over the Front Range. McMahon is also the top rated landscaping company for the Denver area on

  1. Tip: Weeding is critical

Colorado is home to many invasive species of weeds. These weeds have cost Colorado residents more than $10 million annually in lost productivity, according to ARS Landscape and Material Supply. Staying on top of your weeding will keep your garden looking fresh and healthy all year long.

  1. Tool: Stand-up Weeder

You can find these in the Garden Section at most Home Depots. Make sure to get one with a spring release. This relieves the need of picking the weeder up over and over again.

  1. Tip: Think about your setting

Colorado has some very distinct regions. For example, big grassy lawns are difficult to maintain in Colorado Springs because of its arid climate. Be sure to speak with your landscape professional about what options are available to you.

  1. Tip: Consider your use

From terra-scaping to xeriscaping, there are a multitude of ways to landscape your yard. How you landscape it depends on what you want to accomplish.

  1. Tip: Get familiar with your soil

Colorado has 40 different types of soil, which can vary immensely depending on your neighborhood. Before planting, take some time to test your soil. This will give you a good road map to growing healthy plants.

  1. Tip: Pay attention to microclimates in your yard

Microclimates are variations of climates within a localized area. There can be many in a single yard, depending on how much sun hits a particular area. Be sure to note these. It will help you plant the right plants in the right place.

  1. Tool: Compost spreader

Colorado is a great place to grow food. For those that don’t have the back strength to fertilize on their own, adding a compost spreader to your tool kit will save you both time and energy.

  1. Tip: Decorative Rocks

Terra-scaping is becoming more and more popular. Instead of messing with pesky grass, transform your yard with rocks and forever rid yourself of mowing.

  1. Tool: Husqvarna Chainsaw

No one ever said landscaping had to be hard work. If there are any trees that need falling, consult your local pros first. If they pose no risk to your house, chop them down and make firewood.

Landscaping says a lot about a house. If the yard is well kept, chances are the interior is as well. For many prospective buyers, this is the first selling point of a home. What does your yard say about you?

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