2014: Recovering from the Recovery

Feb 17, 2014

Here are 5 Projected Real Estate Trends for 2014:

1. Real estate recovery still hinges on job growth.
Colorado has been ranked one of the best states for business, and economists list more jobs as a primary avenue for housing recovery.

2. Population will continue to play a role in how the recovery plays out in a number of markets.
Colorado’s population is growing faster than the national average.

3. Moderate and high-income apartment development prospects remain strong.
Also, check out this blog post about the developing low-income apartments planned for this year.

4. Urbanized Suburbs are the future.
Members of generation Y (those people born between 1979 and 1995) seek urban amenities, such as access to transit, even when living in the suburbs of metropolitan areas.

5. More homeowners are likely to return to positive equity.
Prices are expected to continue rising in 2014, which will lift more homeowners into positive territory.

The investment, development, and home-building prospects are looking bright for 2014. The outlook for development and home-building prospects is up from 2013, while the investment outlook remains unchanged from last year.

Denver is positioned to be an above-average performer in the coming years. High industrial diversity and a well-educated workforce provide numerous avenues for growth. Success and profits in 2014 will come to those with real estate operating and management skills. Knowledge is Key. Meet the Alaris Team to find out about our deep investment in this unique city, and be sure to follow us on Facebook.

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