2016: A Good Year for Job Seekers

Feb 8, 2016

This new year should be a good year for job seekers.

According to a new WalletHub report that analyzed 150 of the nation’s most populated cities for their job market and socioeconomic environment, Denver is in the top 15 best cities to find a job in 2016.

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Here were the categories look at:

  • Job Opportunities
  • Employment Growth
  • Monthly Median Starting Salary
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Industry Variety
  • Full-Time Employment
  • Percentage of Employed Residents Living Under the Poverty Line
  • Disability Friendliness
  • Median Annual Income
  • Time Spent Working & Commuting
  • Benefits
  • Housing Affordability
  • Annual Transportation Costs
  • Safety

Click here to see the full report.
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