How to Prepare for Summer Fires

Jun 24, 2013

We all have our fingers crossed that this year’s fire season is not as bad as last year. With Black Forest fire mostly contained and 509 homes lost, many people find themselves on edge. The good news is that the Spring rain and snow have reduce the risk of as many wildfires as last year. Nonetheless, the Black Forest fire is the most destructive fire in Colorado history.  As a result, fire crews in Colorado are prepared for the worst.


Coloradans must remain vigilant during what is predicted to be an average, and yet challenging fire season, in most areas of the state. As our governor recently reminded us, “Every Coloradan has a role to play in fire preparedness and prevention.”


Here are ten quick and easy steps to prepare for a wildfire

1. Cut grass and weeds, rake leaves and pine needles, and remove yard debris and branches.

2. Relocate woodpiles and leftover building materials at least 30′ from your house.

3. Make sure street signs, addresses and access are well marked, and visible both night and day.

4. Prune dead and low-hanging tree limbs 6 to 10 feet from the ground around house. Remove all dead vegetation in brush and shrubbery.

5. Store all gas, oil and other chemicals away from the house.

6. Keep roof and gutters free from leaves and needles.

7. Enclose spaces under porches, decks, foundations and overhangs, and roof/attic vent openings with 1/8″ metal screening.

8. Have garden hoses connected on all sides of your house.

9. Place tools (such as ladders, shovels, rakes and hoes) for easy access to firefighters.

10. Check your driveway for adequate clearance for emergency vehicles.

For more specific ways to protect your family, home, and property, check out this site.


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