5 Dog Parks in Denver to Explore This Spring

Apr 30, 2018


It’s no secret that the Denver area is full of dog lovers. There are pet-friendly places all over the city including bars, restaurants, breweries and even offices. Naturally, Coloradans also love to bond with their furry friends in the great outdoors, and there are tons of great dog parks to enjoy all around the metro area.


Now that the weather is getting nicer, your pup is probably antsy to get outside and explore some new scenery. What’s better than fresh air and furry friends? Here are five of Denver’s best dog parks to visit this spring and summer:


Westminster Hills Dog Park

Westminster boasts one of the biggest dog parks in the area. This park is 420 acres of open space for your dog to roam. The area isn’t fully fenced, so it’s best for dogs that are trained and will come when called. It also features water, so you’re guaranteed to bring home a tired pooch.


Lowry Dog Park

The Lowry dog park is closer to the city than some of the bigger parks, but still has plenty of space. There are separate areas for low and high-energy dogs, which makes it a good option for all dogs, no matter their size or playing preferences. The terrain is also gravel, so your pup won’t leave the park covered in mud and needing a bath.


Cherry Creek Off-Leash Area

Located inside Cherry Creek State Park, this 107-acre off-leash area features tons of space for your dog to run around and a water feature for those who love to swim. One thing to note about this park is that it isn’t free. Visitors are required to pay the state park admission fees, as well as purchase a pass for the off-leash area. Regardless of the fees, this park is still a favorite of Denver residents.


Foothills Community Park

Foothills dog park is a great option for Boulder-area residents. This dog park is smaller and quieter than most in the area. It features spectacular views for humans and about two acres of fenced-in space for dogs. Regulars of this park love the community feel, and it’s a great place to bond with other dog lovers in the area.


Iron Spring Dog Park

Iron Spring is located in Forsberg Park in Lakewoo1d and has great views of nearby Green Mountain and Red Rocks. There are two areas for different energy levels, and one area features an agility course for dogs who like to be kept entertained. It’s a fun place to play on a nice day, but regulars at this park advise not to go after it rains because it can get muddy.

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