5 Home Staging Mistakes

Sep 12, 2016

Stage your House

  1. Forgetting About Natural Light – A home that looks dark will not be appealing to buyers. When staging your home it is important to be conscious of furniture placement. Avoid blocking off any light with heavy curtains because this may weigh down the house. If your home has attractive views, consider forgetting curtains all together as to not distract from your landscape.
  2. Outdated – It is no surprise that modern and chic is the way to go when trying to appeal to new buyers. Outdated qualities to your home such as, wallpaper, old fixtures, window coverings or furniture will make it difficult for buyers to picture themselves living in your home.
  3. Unclean – This means doing more than your weekly cleaning. Maybe hiring a professional cleaner would be beneficial if you hate to take the time to deep clean your home. When your home looks spotless, buyers will not hesitate to put an offer in on the house.
  4. Using Dark Paint Colors – Definitely make sure to give your home a coat of fresh paint before showing it to potential buyers. It is always safe to stick with simple, neutral colors such as beige, gray, or pale green.
  5. Showcasing Unimportant Items – Personal treasures and collections will not attract buyers. Also remember to put away and political items to avoid conflict on an unrelated topic other than the home.

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