7 Common Selling Doubts to Ignore and One to Consider

Oct 10, 2016

Selling a house can be downright stressful. Here are seven such doubts that most sellers experience and should be ignored, and one to consider when placing your house on the market.

selling a home

  1. My home won’t sell. It’s not the right season.

The housing market doesn’t slow down in the fall or winter. In fact, some research suggests that this time of year is optimal to purchase a property. There are fewer buyers to compete with, sellers are motivated, and prices are generally lower.

  1. I need to do renovations in order to get it into selling condition

Many homeowners are embarrassed about their home’s condition when they first put it on the market. What is more embarrassing, however, is missing out on an opportunity to capitalize on your investment. Selling a home requires work and that work directly correlates to the sale price of your home.

  1. I don’t like strangers walking through my house when I still live here

Let’s face it: selling your home requires you to be open about it. Very few buyers will ever buy property based on pictures alone, even if they are professionally done. Take all of your personal items (diplomas, family pictures, etc.) off of the walls and put them in a safe if it makes you feel better.

  1. My house won’t sell because others may not understand my taste in decor.

This is irrelevant if you’re not selling your house fully furnished. When a potential buyer is browsing through your house, they’re not going to care much for how you’ve decorated it. That being said, making sure your house is clean and presentable will go a long way in the buyer’s mind.

  1. I fear I may be “downsizing”

Downsizing doesn’t necessarily describe square footage alone, it can also be the feeling of not getting as much bang for your buck. Openly communicating your wants and needs with your realtor is an easy way to avoid this feeling.

  1. I’m worried something costly will come up during a pre-sell inspection.

Unless you haven’t been completely forthcoming with your realtor, you have nothing to worry about here. High-end home buyers often consider purchasing warranties and service contracts along with the property.

  1. My home won’t sell by my target date.

If you’re short on time before you move, it can make the process that much more stressful. You’ll need to be willing to meet or beat comparable market prices on your home if you want it gone fast.

One to consider: There’s a significant disparity between my valuation and my realtors

Your realtor has no reason to undervalue your home when you decide to sell. If there is a large gap, talk with your realtor about what their exact reasoning behind it. An open and honest relationship with your realtor can lead to a very fruitful friendship.

Even if you’re undertaking your first sale, don’t let a few worries drag down your confidence. Alaris agents provide their clients with comprehensive market knowledge to make your purchasing/selling experience as pain free as possible.

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