A State Frustrating for Outsiders

Jul 28, 2015

Thrillist’s newest ranking, “The Definitive and Final Ranking of all 50 States,” placed Colorado in the No. 10 spot.

Thrillist’s list categorizes all 50 states based on their “contributions to America,” such as inventions, food and drink, famous people, and physical beauty.

“Colorado has life figured out to a degree that is somewhat frustrating for outsiders,” Thrillist said in the ranking.

On top of that, Colorado consistently ranks among the top 10 states for cities to raise a family in, recently soared on CNBC’s “Top States for Business” list, and continues to have a strong growth for jobs in the energy sector.

Click here to see Thrillist’s full report.

We believe in Colorado. We write about Colorado. This our home.  We want to make it the best it can be and highlight the best it has to offer, for which we are sincerely grateful. Visit the Alaris Gratitude Corner for more about why we are grateful for life in this beautiful state.

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