Best Cities for Job Seekers

Dec 22, 2014

Denver, along with Aurora, join several in Texas and other scattered across the country in NerdWallet’s top 20 “Best Cities for Job Seekers” report.

NerdWallet ranked 100 cities based on:

1. Unemployment rate, with a lower one increasing a city’s overall score.
2. Working-age population growth, where a high rate of growth increased a city’s spot on the list.
3. Median income for full-time workers relative to median monthly rent. High median incomes and lower median rents would push a city up on the list.

“The Mile High City scored better than the national averages in all three metrics we analyzed. Residents here make about $45,242 a year, which is the third highest in our top 10,” NerdWallet said in its ranking.

NerdWallet’s full study can be found here.

With Denver’s population significantly increasing (the number of people living downtown will be increasing somewhere near a third over the next few years), Denver is sure to find its place among the great downtown areas of North American. This explains the explosive growth one sees while driving around downtown.

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