Things to Think About When Buying a Mountain Cabin

Dec 7, 2014

Mountain CabinsThere’s really nothing else like living in a cabin in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The seclusion, the solitude, the views, the peacefulness… it’s no wonder everyone wants to move up here. As Denver grows, more and more people are looking to retreat into the Rocky Mountains. If you’re one of them, here are a few things to think about before you make a purchase:

Accessibility – Sure nothing sounds better than “getting away from it all” but how easy/hard will it be to get to the cabin? Unless you have the right vehicle, it may not be the best idea to use a road that easily washes out or is in danger of being blocked by snow.

Property Insurance – Those of us familiar with Colorado know that our state has experienced many fires in recent years. We even had a few devastating floods. Make sure to factor in the cost of insurance to your monthly payment.

Utilities – Many people who want to live in a remote location choose to use solar power or generators and that works perfectly fine. But to be on the safe side, a buyer should understand what it will cost to connect to public utilities. Just in case.

Water – Here’s an important question the buyer should definitely ask: Where’s the water coming from? Water rights are tricky here in Colorado but the State of Colorado will still issue well permits. Or, if a well is already on the property the previous owner may have to transfer the registration over to the new owner.

Septic Systems – Septic systems are crucial to living in the mountains. The county the cabin resides in will issue septic permits and regulate the systems by requiring certification prior to sale. Heads up – older properties may not have permits.

Whether you’re looking for an isolated cabin in the woods or a luxury home in Genesee, contact Alaris Properties today. When it comes to mountain homes, we’re the experts.

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