Colorado Becoming One of the Best States for Business

Jul 29, 2013

CNBC completed its annual ranking of the best states for business, and Colorado, having ranked eighth last year, moved up to the seventh spot overall.

The greatest improvement for Colorado was in the strength of its economy. After being ranked 33rd in 2012, in the economic category, Colorado moved up significantly this year.

One new business that’s coming to Denver soon is Cool Planet Energy Systems, a Los Angeles-area startup that turns biomass material like beetle-killed pine trees into clean-burning gasoline. John Hickenlooper recently announced that they are looking for a location to build a manufacturing facility in the Denver area.

Howard Janzen, the CEO of the company, said that it was a “close call” between the Denver and Houston areas for the location of company headquarters, but Denver won out because he felt the growing company could more easily recruit talent here.

“They’re coming to Colorado at a unique moment,” said Hickenlooper, noting the ravaging effects of the pine beetle in killing trees that sometimes have led directly to the slew of wildfires that have burned the state over the past two summers.

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