Colorado Breaking Records

Apr 29, 2014

The oil and natural gas industry plays a pivotal role in bringing substantial economic benefits to Colorado.

You may not know that Colorado holds a place in the 10 most oil-rich states. In fact, Colorado energy companies produced nearly 64.1 million barrels of oil during 2013, breaking a record for full-year production that’s stood for nearly 60 years (In 1956, the state saw just over 60 million barrels of oil produced).

The 2013 production also represents a 30 percent increase over the state’s 2012 production (40.3 million barrels), and is more than double the amount of oil Colorado produced in 2008.

We track this information because it points to greater investment into Colorado and a more stable economy. Be sure to follow us on Twitter where we talk about topics that affect our real estate market.

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