Colorado’s New Brand

Sep 30, 2013

One year ago, Colorado launched the most inclusive, collaborative and ambitious branding effort ever undertaken by a state. Rather than hiring an outside company to define who we are, the state tapped into the creative talent of its own people to build a brand for Colorado, by Coloradans. The brand has been recently unveiled, composed of a logo designed by Evan Hecox — dubbed the “Peak” — a slogan, “It’s Our Nature,” along with other marketing elements.

“We have a state flag and seal, but until now Colorado has never had a unified brand,” said Aaron Kennedy, the chief marketing officer of the state of Colorado.

Why not just use the design on the Colorado flag? State officials eliminated the idea of using the state flag or the “C” symbol at the center of the flag as the new logo because they said it was unrecognizable to most people outside of Colorado. Thus, Kennedy began the branding process in November by traveling the outskirts of the state, meeting with people from Burlington to Pueblo to Telluride to Meeker to see what they thought represented the heart of Colorado.

The green and white mountain design, that was eventually selected, will be used on all state vehicles and agencies. To encourage people outside Colorado to think positively about the culture here, it will also be attached to the products of companies that design, manufacture, or grow things in the state.

The whole idea is to feature the state’s natural beauty and promote the idea that Colorado is pointing upward.

Images are powerful, which is why social media is becoming more and more image based. We believe in Colorado, we write about Colorado — this is our home and we want to make it the best it can be and highlight the best it has to offer, for which we are sincerely grateful. Alaris Gratitude Corner

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