Denver Drops to a Stage 1 Drought

Jul 12, 2013

In May, Denver Water decided to delay implementation of higher pricing for its customers because of the improving drought situation and recently declared a Stage 1 drought down from the Stage 2 drought it had declared on March 27. What are the differences?

The restriction has been removed that customers can only water lawns two days a week on assigned days.

Instead, a Stage 1 drought asks customers to conserve water, but increases lawn watering to three days a week. Customers have the flexibility to choose which three days to water.
Restrictions still include not watering between 10am and 6pm, and not to water in high winds or allow water to pool on sidewalks or gutters.

Greg Austin, president of the Denver Board of Water Commissioners, said “[w]hile the drought is not over, conditions have improved enough that customers may water a third day, if their lawns need it. We all still need to do our part to protect against the possibility of another dry winter, and we ask everyone to continue to use even less.”

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