Bettering Denver’s Community with Trader Joe’s

Dec 2, 2013

Trader Joe's in ColoradoTrader Joe’s began in Los Angeles in 1958. Combine Trader Joe’s being voted one of America’s healthiest grocery stores with Colorado boasting the health of their citizens, it’s a logical place to build several of these California-based stores.

Shopping at Trader Joe’s is more like going to a specialty foods store than a chain grocer – you’ll find healthy foods from around the world, all at surprisingly reasonable prices. The store’s impressive and delicious foods contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, and no MSG, trans fats or genetically modified ingredients.

The first three out of five stores in Colorado will open in 2014 on Valentine’s Day. The trio will be in Boulder, at Twenty Ninth Street; in Denver at Eighth Avenue and Colorado Blvd; and in Greenwood Village, at the Cherry Hills Marketplace. The fourth outlet will be located at Seventh Avenue and Logan Street and will open sometime in mid-2014. The fifth location is destined for Fort Collins to open late next year.

Colorado has been ranked one of the best states for business, and economists list more jobs as a primary avenue for housing recovery. We are tracking these trends and will continue to post them on various social media platforms. You can follow us on Twitter where we tweet about real estate related topics. Feel free to ask us any real estate related questions. We might turn it into a blog.

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