Denver’s Suburbs

Jun 20, 2015

iStock_000025547640_MediumIf you’re wanting to escape Denver’s climbing rent prices (at least a little), but still want to enjoy all that Denver has to offer, Denver’s suburbs have a lot to offer.

In fact, many are connected to downtown by the Regional Transportation District’s 122 miles of rail track, and are full of their own restaurants, trails, and parks.

Moyoto, a California-based real estate brokerage firm, recently released a new ranking which analyzes the best metro suburbs for young, career-driven professionals.

To compile its ranking, Movoto analyzed the following factors:

Percent of Residents Ages 22-29
Professional Opportunities
Amenities Per Capita
Cost of Living

Here were the results of the top ten (out of 21 analyzed suburbs):

  1. Louisville
    Rank: 18
    Professional Opportunities Rank: 5
    Amenities Rank: 6
    Cost of Living Rank: 16
  1. Greenwood Village
    Rank: 19
    Professional Opportunities Rank: 3
    Amenities Rank: 1
    Cost of Living Rank: 21
  1. Broomfield
    Rank: 13
    Professional Opportunities Rank: 7
    Amenities Rank: 7
    Cost of Living Rank: 13
  1. Longmont
    Rank: 9
    Professional Opportunities Rank: 13
    Amenities Rank: 15
    Cost of Living Rank: 6
  1. Westminster
    Rank: 4
    Professional Opportunities Rank: 12
    Amenities Rank: 15
    Cost of Living Rank: 6
  1. Littleton
    Rank: 14
    Professional Opportunities Rank: 11
    Amenities Rank: 3
    Cost of Living Rank: 11
  1. Wheat Ridge
    Professional Opportunities Rank: 17
    Amenities Rank: 10
    Cost of Living Rank: 8
  1. Lakewood
    Rank: 3
    Professional Opportunities Rank: 16
    Amenities Rank: 10
    Cost of Living Rank: 8
  1. Lone Tree
    Rank: 10
    Professional Opportunities Rank: 4
    Amenities Rank: 5
    Cost of Living Rank: 19
  1. Boulder
    Rank: 1
    Professional Opportunities Rank: 9
    Amenities Rank: 5
    Cost of Living Rank: 20

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