Eagle P3 Project

Oct 2, 2013

The Regional Transportation District’s Eagle P3 project is about half finished. Here are some questions and answers about the project:

What is the Eagle P3?
It’s a $2.2 billion project to build about one-third of the larger $7.4 billion FasTracks program to open 122 miles of rail to commuters throughout Denver.

How many miles will this specific project cover?
The Eagle P3 will build 40.2 miles of track on three lines. Check out these links for a visual: East Rail Line, Gold Line,Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility and Northwest Rail Line Westminster segment.

When will the project be completed?
The Eagle P3 Project is already in full construction along the East Rail Line, the Gold Line, and the Westminster segment of the Northwest Rail Line. The entire project is scheduled for completion in 2016.

The light rail has historically helped real estate values rise.  Click here for another blog on this topic:  Denver’s Light Rail May Raise Property Values


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