Energy Efficient FHA Mortgage Loans Can Save Money

Feb 1, 2011

One way to raise the value of your property and lower your utility bills is to apply for an FHA Energy Efficient Mortgage (FHA EEM).  These mortgages are federally recognized and available in all states. FHA Energy Efficient Mortgages provide the means to upgrade the home you want to buy to make it more energy efficient, resulting in lower utility bills and, perhaps, increased equity. Additional benefits to you over the lifetime of your FHA loan include:

  • EEM Finance Energy Improvements
  • Cost-effective energy-saving measures may be financed as part of the mortgage
  • Make an older, less efficient home more comfortable and affordable
  • EEM Benefits for Buyers
  • Qualify for a larger loan on a better home
  • Save money every month on utilities
  • Increase the potential resale value of your home
  • EEM Benefits for Sellers
  • Sell your home more quickly
  • Make your home affordable to more people
  • Attract attention in a competitive market

If you are purchasing a home and want to include the FHA EEM, a larger down payment is not required to qualify.  Improvements are also permitted to take place after the loan’s closing date.  If you’d like more information on this unique mortgage, please call your FHA approved loan officer today for details.

Christian Durland

Cherry Creek Mortgage

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