Featured Business: Jonathan Manske

Sep 26, 2016

jonathan-manske-head-shot-high-res-300x261Jonathan Manske, The World’s Only Cerebral Sanitation Engineer

People want to do better but most of the time their efforts at doing better don’t produce the changes and the results that they want. Then they end up discouraged, frustrated, and even apathetic.

When this happens, people usually look to adjust what they are doing when most likely the adjustment needs to occur inside their heads – their beliefs about themselves, their situation, the way the world works, etc.

My gift is that it is easy for me to see these limiting beliefs and once we
see them, we can upgrade them. I do that through 1×1 coaching, group coaching, speaking, training, and writing.

I help people do better so that they can live better.

I’d be delighted to have a conversation with you if that seems like a fit.
303.552.7285 and more info at www.jonathanmanske.com

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