Featured Business: Kari Solomon

Oct 18, 2016

kari solomonKari Solomon is a Natural Health Practitioner at My Vital Force Wellness Center, in Lakewood, Colorado.

She does natural health consulting, including biofeedback to find out what stressors your body has, plus the balancing products that your body shows a biological preference for.

One of her favorite things to work with clients is how the emotional congestion in the body is affecting them. She uses a fantastic biofeedback program that helps to clear out the emotional congestion/emotional triggers. There are many great testimonials about this program!

She also teaches classes about how to recreate your microbiome (digestive health), which helps people to lose weight. Her website shows many of the other therapies she does.

Call to find out if she is a good fit for you. Schedule an appointment to find out how you can start feeling better today!


Kari Solomon



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