Featured Business: Kathy Basel, The Vitality Code

Nov 22, 2016

vitality codeKathy Basel creator of the Vitality Code, is a natural health expert who takes a refreshingly new whole-person approach to helping her clients look and feel their best.  Kathy knows that many people hate traditional diet and exercise programs that don’t produce lasting results. She teaches practical life strategies rooted in twelve dimensions, all of which create vibrancy from the inside out.

She believes the best approach is to have fun as we create ways to nourish ourselves fully in mind, body and soul. She partners with her clients to redesign a lifestyle that supports vibrant health, optimal energy, mental clarity, and better moods and sleep so they can put away their medication, live pain free and enjoy their lives feeling fully alive.

Kathy incorporates energy healing in her work to help address the emotional components that may be at the root cause of pain or disease conditions, and this frees the body to heal itself naturally.

If you’re feeling a little off track — low energy, a few unwanted pounds, poor health or unsure of your next move – get a tune-up with Kathy!  She works privately with clients and also in affordable, fun small groups called Vitality Circles.

For New Year’s she’s offering a free half-hour introductory session for anyone who mentions they love Alaris Properties.

Learn more about her at www.thevitalitycode.com
or connect on fb at https://www.facebook.com/vitalitycodekathybasel

vitality code

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