Featured Business: Meghan Siddall

Feb 21, 2017

Streamlined Living Colorado, LLC

Streamlined Living ColoradoDo you keep the door closed so you don’t have to see the clutter?  Do you suffer from Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome? Streamlined Living Colorado provides solutions for streamlining your life! Whether you need help with a closet or your entire home, Streamlined Living is here to help. Let us take years of frustration and anxiety off of your shoulders!

De-cluttering & Organizing Services If you feel overwhelmed by disorganization and don’t know where to begin, call

If you feel overwhelmed by disorganization and don’t know where to begin, call Streamlined Living to clear out the clutter and get you organized! We can work directly with you while transferring skills, tips and tricks as we create a customized system to meet your needs.  Or, you can leave the organizing to us and spend your time doing something you love!

Streamlined Living’s Organizational Specialties

  • Maximizing small spaces (closets, pantries, etc.)
  • Preparing your home to be listed for sale
  • Garage and storage area organization
  • Unpacking and organizing after a move
  • Whole house, room-by- room organization
  • Closet & wardrobe purges

meghan siddallAbout the Owner

Meghan Siddall formed Streamlined Living Colorado, LLC after several years of working in “Corporate America” as a Project Scheduler.  She was inspired to create the business after de-cluttering and organizing several rooms for family members while visiting home in Wisconsin.

Meghan has a knack for sifting through the clutter. She is able to see how spaces can be streamlined and enjoys coming up with creative storage solutions. Clients are comfortable working with her and appreciate her nonjudgmental and friendly demeanor.

“It is so fulfilling to influence my client’s lives for the better.  I am so grateful to work in a ‘job’ I truly enjoy”



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“Making your life easier, one task at a time.”Streamlined

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