5 Forgotten Spring Cleaning Tasks

Apr 17, 2014

What’s on your spring cleaning list?

Spring cleaning is a great way to freshen up your home, but it’s also a good time to do routine maintenance, and to clean the cracks and crannies of your home. Although the list is sure to be long and daunting, it’s important to take the time to clean everything. Here are 5 commonly forgotten cleaning tasks that you should put on your spring cleaning list.

1. Dust above, below and in between.
Surface cleaning is a good way to make your home look clean, but if you leave dirt and dust under or behind furniture and appliances, you’re going to notice your home get dirty fast. When you’re spring cleaning, don’t forget to look up and under. Ceiling fans are notorious for gathering huge clumps of dirt and dust bunnies are always lurking under couches. You should also look behind and in between when you’re cleaning your appliances. Dust in your refrigerator coils can slowly hurt the machine and dust build-up behind the dryer can become a hazard.

2. Rotate mattresses.
This may seem a little old fashion, but if you want your beds to last then make sure you’re rotating your mattresses. This evenly disperses the wear so that you don’t get a dip in your mattress.

3. De-gunk your drains.
If you know how to properly take apart the drains under your sinks, then it may be a good idea to take them apart and clean out the gunk. Or you can keep the drain together and use baking soda and vinegar to clear everything out. Learn how by clicking here.

4. Wipe down the walls.
Most people forget that walls can accumulate dust, dirt and allergens. Luckily, to clean your walls all you need is a bucket of warm water with all-purpose cleaner  and a soft rag. Gently wipe your walls down and you’ll be surprised at the amount of dirt you’ll remove.

5. Clean out your dishwasher.
This is a task that is not necessarily forgotten, but skipped over because it takes some time. To clean your diswasher, you should first start by removing the racks and clearing out any debris and gunk from the drains. This includes cleaning out the little holes on the spinning arms. Once you’re finished with that, all you need to do is run your dishwasher with vinegar and baking soda. Click here for more details.

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