Garage, More Than Just Home for Cars

Jun 8, 2011

Today’s garage has evolved almost as much as homes themselves.  Four decades ago, garages were small enough to fit merely the family car.  Now we expect our garage to house not only our SUVs, but also our gardening centers, tools, festive holiday garb, and sports equipment.  Creative storage solutions are needed.  Consider the following options:

Pegboard Wall Coverings Lying flush against the wall, a pegboard uses very little space, but can hold hundreds of tools and even small shelves.  Easy for a do-it-yourselfer to install and allows for creative expression as tool are hooked around the wall.  The pegboard display allows tools to be easily found as they hang out in the open.

Ceiling Mounted Shelf Come as simple as wire racks holding up to 250 lbs. or as complex as Tuff-Rak’s 600 lb. hanging capacity.  Suspended from the ceiling, a simple ladder can help access stored items.

Wall Mounted Platform/Loft Taking it to the next level by offering thousands of pounds of extra storage, a 4′ x 8′ lift can be wall mounted.   A platform lifted by stainless steel cables and running on 110v power  can safely store motorcycles, bikes, mowers, and other equipment out of harm’s way.  Descending only when a key inserts the switchbox, these lofts can add lots more floor space to your garage.

Don’t kick your car to the curb!  Invest in a storage organization system that allows vehicles to live harmoniously with toys and tools.

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