We are Grateful for Our Service Men and Women

May 21, 2014

Memorial Day weekend is when we kick off the start of summer with barbeques, picnics and spending time outdoors. It’s a good time to bring family and friends together to celebrate the season, but don’t forget the real reason for the weekend. Memorial Day is when we come together to reflect on the sacrifices our service men and women have made for us and for our country.

Memorial Day has a long and meaningful history here in the United States. Each year, friends and family members of our fallen soldiers place flowers and gifts on the graves of those they lost in service. National Cemeteries like Arlington gather large crowds and hold huge ceremonies. Here in Colorado, there will be a ceremony at Fort Logan National Cemetery and we encourage those who can to participate.

We are grateful for those who have made sacrifices. This Memorial weekend, before you dive into outdoor parties and activities, please take a moment to reflect and remember. If you are participating in the Fort Logan ceremony or any other Memorial Day activities, share with us on our Facebook page.

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