Gratitude is Key to Success

Dec 19, 2013

Alaris Properties$30 Million in transactions. That’s where we are headed.

In 2012, our small team completed over $26 million in closed real estate transactions. The numbers are not complete for 2013; however, we are looking very strong. I am frequently asked how we perform at such a high level, well beyond what most real estate brokers are able to achieve.

The secret key is gratitude. At Alaris, we developed a Passion Statement, which is “Fueled by Gratitude.” What this means is that we are grateful for all the business we have. Further, we are grateful for all our wonderful clients about whom we care deeply. Our clients’ goals are our goals. Moreover, when we help a client buy or sell a home or building, it is not just about the property or the transaction. We connect people to the communities where they live and work, thereby helping folks take advantage of the benefits of mountain living. We have discovered that, when our clients understand these benefits, they experience gratitude and feel very pleased with their decisions. Having visited over 100 countries, I can tell you there is no place any more special than the Rocky Mountains.

We recognize that doors can be opened with certain keys. We believe that, in real estate, knowledge is another key. Moreover, keys can be metaphors. Isn’t it interesting how knowledge can help you obtain the keys to your new home? In life, we believe that gratitude leads to joy, happiness, appreciating beauty, and finding fulfillment. In the Rocky Mountains, there is so much for which we are grateful: kind people, natural wonders, wildlife, recreational activities, the arts, and helpful businesses.

As the expression goes, “this much I know is true,” the more gratitude you bring into your life, the more joy you will experience. The more joy you experience, the more success you will have. There are naysayers, and that’s okay. I know what works for us and how we are making our clients successful. Certainly, the numbers cannot convey the happiness, smiles and handshakes of a job well done, but they also speak for themselves.

Make no mistake, we provide the highest level of service. Further, as an attorney, I understand how to get a transaction to the closing table, while offering an insight into the process of contract negotiation and fulfillment. After all, when you hire a Realtor®, the true measure of success is completing the transaction in a favorable manner.

– Jon Terry, Realtor®, J.D., CMAS

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