Colorado Parents Support Green Measures in Schools

Jan 2, 2015

A small study by the U.S. Green Building Council polled parents of students enrolled in Colorado public elementary schools, kindergarten, and pre-kindergarten programs to see where they stood on green measures being introduced to schools. the survey found overwhelming support for everything from improving air quality in schools to including local grown fruit and vegetables in lunches.

Here are a few key findings for the USGB survey, highlighted in this article.

  • More than 94 percent of parents said they would support green initiatives to make their child’s school more energy efficient.
  • 97 percent said they would support a green initiative to monitor the indoor air quality in their child’s school building. An equal percentage said they would support green initiatives to promote locally or organically grown fruits and vegetables into school lunches.
  • 97 percent of respondents said that it is important to them that sustainability be a part of their child’s curriculum.
  • 65 percent of parents said they were aware of an initiative going on at their child’s school.

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