Helpful Guide for Pet Owners

Jun 16, 2014

Here’s an overview to help pet owners stay in compliance with local rules and regulations:

Aurora Pet Rules

  • 3 adult dogs – plus one litter of offspring under the age of four months; (no pitbulls)
  • 5 adult cats – plus on litter of offspring under the age of four months
  • 3 ferrets – all of which must be spayed or neutered
  • 2 rabbits – both must be spayed or neutered

You can apply for a permit for an additional animal though they may visit your home to verify the living conditions.

Denver Pet Rules
Violations occur when the number of household pets exceeds:

  • 3 dogs (no pitbulls), 5 cats, 2 rabbits, 25 pigeons (separately)
  • 5 total dogs and cats
  • 2 domestic honey bee hives

You can apply for a variance to keep an additional animal.

Douglas County

  • 4 dogs and cats total (over 4 months of age)
  • Birds, fish, gerbils, and hamsters do not apply


  • No more than 5 regulated species of household pets per residence
  • The total number cannot exceed three animals of the same species


  • No more than 3 dogs
  • No more than 2 pot-bellied pigs
  • Further limiting the combination of dogs and pot-bellied pigs with cats to 4 maximum per household


  • No more than 3 dogs
  • No more than 3 cats
  • If a combination of dogs and cats, no more than 4 total

As you can see, most areas are very similar in the cat and dog counts that are allowed within a household. The lower counts are not only for disturbance, but for the health of the animals. Details around snakes, birds, hamsters, chickens, goats, and more should be reviewed with the city or county where you live.

Also, keep in mind that there may be rules around your pets being spayed, neutered, having appropriate shots or more.

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