Turn Your Home into a Castle for Your Pets

Aug 5, 2014

Here in Colorado, our pets are more like family members. A lot of pet lovers we’ve encountered have a few very special furry friends that they want to keep in mind when they look for a new home. We completely understand the need for a big backyard for exercise, lots of windows for napping in the sun, a mudroom to clean off dirty paws and an extra room for toys. Nearly two out of three Americans share their home with happy dogs and content cats, meaning nearly every pet lover is willing to turn their home into a pet castle. Here are a few ways you can too!

Sleeping BeautyAlaris Properties, LLC
Because they are descendants of den animals, dogs need a designated sleeping spot. Cats are not picky. Many owners choose to let their furry friends sleep with them, but if you need more space in your bed consider setting aside a room in your home or a space in your bedroom solely for your cat or dog. For dogs, a big comfy bed with an article of clothing that smells like you will be all they need for a perfect place. For cats, well we all know they prefer a cardboard box over anything else!

Potty like a Princess
A litterbox isn’t exactly something you want to look at day after day. However, giving cats a private place to do their business is more about the owner’s comfort than the pet. If you want to keep your litterbox hidden, make sure to clean it frequently or else your cat may go next to it and not in it. Also, if your cat likes to spray make sure you line the entrance with plastic so you can easily clean it up. Alaris Properties, LLC

Dogs on the other hand are a little easier. A doggie door is the best way to accommodate your pup, but if you are worried about unwanted guests coming in, consider upgrading your pet door to something automated. The Passport Pet Access Smart System comes with a “key” that is installed on your pet’s collar and automatically unlocks the door when the pet approaches.

Nap in Luxury
Does your dog love being outside? If so, consider constructing a dog house that is well insulated against the elements. Or maybe your puppy loves the shady part of the porch? How about building a miniature replica of your own home, and painting it the same colors? Go crazy! Alaris Properties, LLC

Cats are happy just to have various napping spots. They especially like sunny spots that are high up. If you have space on your walls, install wide shelves that allow your cat to climb up and doze.

Although we’re the experts in luxury real estate, how you decide to make a home for your pet is up to you. Start first by finding your dream home, then contact Alaris Properties today.

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