Touchdown: Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Super Bowl Party

Jan 24, 2018

Some would say it’s more American than apple pie, but no matter how you slice it, the Super Bowl is an essential event for sports fans far and wide. But this isn’t the type of game you watch home alone on the couch — it calls for camaraderie and ambiance as you cheer for your favorite team. If you’re hosting family and friends for this year’s Super Bowl, check out our guide to pulling off the perfect Super Bowl party:


Hosting a Super Bowl Party


The Food

When it comes to sports, having something to snack on is essential. But do you go for some quick and stress-free takeout, or spend hours crafting your own Super Bowl goodies? If you decide to go the takeout route, there are plenty of local eateries that will do the trick. We recommend GQue BBQ or The Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern if you’re looking for traditional football fare like wings, dips, ribs and mac and cheese. Maybe you’re looking for a slightly less typical game day menu; to spice things up, consider ordering from Centro Mexican Kitchen or Lola Coastal Mexican.

Perhaps you’d rather impress your guests with some homemade snacks this Super Bowl Sunday. We like the sound of this garlic bread pizza dip and these fried buffalo wings, but simple menu items like pigs-in-a-blanket and mini sliders are sure to please as well. You’ll want to have a cooler filled with brews, too, but there’s definitely room for a festive cocktail like this southern sweet tea punch. Don’t feel like you have to stick to the traditional pizza and wings — feel free to get creative with your menu and add a personal touch.

The Decorations

Your friends and family probably won’t weigh the success of your Super Bowl party based on the decor, but you’ve still got to show some spirit, right? Transform your home into team headquarters and add some festive fun with streamers, team banners, balloons and more. If you’re really feeling festive, spice up your food table with cupcakes iced in the team colors or a football helmet punch bowl. You’re sure to have fans of both sides, though, so to pump up the rivalry, think about dividing the room into two sides: one for each team. Encourage your guests to sit on the side they’re rooting for to make it feel more like the ambiance of being in the stadium.


The Layout

Your Super Bowl party should certainly feel like, well, a party, but don’t forget that people are there to relax and watch the game, not mingle throughout the house. Be sure to have your food and drink close to the television so that it will be easy for your guests to get up and grab another pig-in-a-blanket without missing a play. You’ll also want to make sure there’s enough seating for the number of guests you’re expecting so that people don’t end up awkwardly standing behind the couch for three hours. If you’re tight on space, consider picking up a few “stadium seats” — cushioned seats made for sitting on bleachers — to set on the floor. That will help solve your seating problem and make it feel more like the atmosphere of attending a real game.


The Entertainment

We can’t all be huge sports fans, and some of your guests — and maybe even you — might be there for the fun of the day rather than the game itself. If you really want to go above and beyond as a host or hostess, think about concocting some fun games or activities to keep the day interesting for all of your guests. You could take bets on the winner of the game and the final score and prepare a fun prize for whoever gets closest — which will help not-so-enthusiastic friends become more invested in the game even if they aren’t sports fans. Everyone loves Super Bowl commercials, so another idea would be to keep a tally of the different commercials and have your guests vote on the best at the end. It doesn’t hurt to keep cards or board games around in case some of your guests eventually get bored, too.


You want to make sure your friends and family are having a great time this Super Bowl Sunday, but don’t forget to take some time to enjoy the game yourself, too. With these tips, your Super Bowl party will be one to remember — even if your favorite team doesn’t win.

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