The Hottest Neighborhoods around Colorado to Live In

Mar 13, 2017

Colorado is one of the fastest growing states in the union. We are fourth in population growth since 2010 (7.5%), and now have over seven million people calling Colorado home. In order to accommodate this kind of growth, Colorado’s housing market has become quite welcoming to all demographics. Whether you’re planning on moving to the state or are a native, finding homes in Colorado can be challenging if you don’t know where to look.

hottest neighborhood in colorado

  1. If you’re retired:

Wheat Ridge, Arvada – Wheat Ridge offers retirees a lot of outdoor activities including bird watching, picnicking at Crown Hill Park, or hitting the links at Applewood Golf Course. There are 173 doctors in the neighborhood as well, perfect for those with permanent medical needs.

  1. If you’re starting a family:

Superior, Erie – This town is just 27 days shy of having sunshine year round. Its school system is ranked in the top 5% of Colorado’s education market, too. The town is also in the midst of a development plan that will see a 12-acre park built near Eldorado K-8.

  1. If you’re a college graduate:

Denver– There are plenty of reasons for students to stay West after college. Business is booming, the job market is growing, and easy summers are just some of the reasons. Did I mention that the Broncos play here?

  1. If you’re middle-aged:

Cherry Creek – Just southeast of Capitol Hill, Cherry Creek offers all the excitement of city living without the noise. The crime rate is less than half of Denver city’s average, and there are an array of good schools, playgrounds, and daycares for those with families.

  1. If you’re outdoorsy:

Genesee, Golden, Evergreen – if your version of the American dream includes mountains, look to settle down in Genesee, Golden or Evergreen. These foothill towns are hotbeds for Colorado luxury as well.  Mixing the luxurious indoors with the Colorado outdoors is the culmination of life in the Rockies.

No matter what demographic you fit in, Colorado’s housing market can accommodate you. At Alaris, we encourage our clients to seek for the home they want, not the one they think they need. After all, they could be spending the rest of their life there.

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