How an Experienced Real Estate Agent Prepares to Sell His Home

Mar 17, 2016

Jon Terry, founder of Alaris Properties, is in the middle of selling his home.


With years of experience in both law and real estate, he has developed a keen sense of what works to set a home apart. While it may seem obvious to keep your home clean and organized while it is on the market, it is just as important to demonstrate its appeal to the largest amount of buyers.

Below, Jon outlines the steps he took to prepare and what it takes to present a home in its best possible light.

  1. I prepared myself mentally to sell my home and made the decision to remove my attachment to the home. It’s important that I welcomed assistance from others to help make the home as attractive to the largest amount of buyers as possible. We believe our taste is excellent and, while that may be true, I wanted to make my home appeal to buyers, not affirm that my tastes are excellent. In other words, I got my priorities straight and removed my ego from the equation.
  2. I donated as much as I could to make more room in the home.
  3. I updated the kitchen cabinets and remodeled all of the bathrooms. In the kitchen, we refurbished the kitchen cabinets and changed their color to make them more appealing to buyers. We also replaced the electric cooktop with a gas cooktop. In the bathrooms, we installed heated travertine floors and granite countertops, along with new vanities. I even added a new shower to the basement bathroom.
  4. I hired Staging Denver, and Geri Bigum knocked it out of the ballpark. The pictures are the proof.
  5. I put bottles of water in the refrigerator for prospective buyers to enjoy.
  6. I had the carpets and windows cleaned – the home gleams.

Starting the process of selling a home can be daunting, but now is the time to sell, according to The Denver Post. As house prices in the Denver metro area continue to rise, more people are looking to places like Genesee, Evergreen and Conifer, increasing the demand. Average sales last year were more than 10 percent higher than the average list price, and momentum does not seem to be slowing.

If you are thinking of selling and want to do it right, keep these 6 tips in mind and learn more about the Alaris team.

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