“Jon was always there for us.”

Nov 18, 2013

Jon’s the best!

We’ve worked with multiple realtors in the past, but we took the advice of my parents who told us that Jon’s personal attention and incredible knowledge of all aspects of the real estate market would make a huge difference for us. They were right. We were living in New York at the time and had very short stints back in Denver. But no matter what our schedule was, Jon was always there for us, helping us find the best neighborhoods and taking us to countless houses until we found one that was just perfect.

Jon’s incredible eye and attention to detail made the process infinitely easier. He took the time to figure out exactly what kind of house we were looking for and after a short time he was hand-picking the only the houses that were the best fit for us. He honestly saved us hours if not days, because he knew our tastes so well.

The whole experience of working with Jon was great. He’s exactly the kind of expert that you want on your side when making such an important decision, combining a remarkable breadth of market knowledge with incredible attention to detail. Jon caught key details in the paperwork that we could have never thought to look for and asked important questions of the seller that we would have never thought to ask. He’s also a great guy who we loved spending time with and who even came to our wedding a few months ago.

We can’t thank him enough for the wonderful experience and our great new house!


-Cody Cleary

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