Just How Good of a Place is Colorado to Live?

Jun 28, 2013

Colorado falls relatively in the middle when it comes to the best places for college grads to move, according to the unemployment rates, median income, and cost of living calculated by SuperScholar. What Superscholar doesn’t consider, however, is social life and access to nature.

A financial literacy and consumer advocacy website, NerdWallet, ranked the 10 best cities for new grads, using such criteria as cost of living, demographics and social scene.

Denver’s social scene helped elevate the Mile High City’s rankings to third in the nation. NerdWallet had this to say about Denver: “Denver has a great and affordable social life for recent college graduates, boasting the most bars per capita and a low cost of living. This laid-back city has a moderate unemployment rate, making it easier to find a job here than most other cities, and Denver’s residents have easy access to mountains and nature just a few hours’ drive away. Denver’s top industries are aerospace, broadcasting and telecommunications, energy and healthcare.”

There are cheaper places to live. There are places with lower unemployment rates, but what Colorado offers is significantly different from other states. We are grateful for Colorado’s uniqueness. Check out Alaris’ Gratitude Corner and be sure to follow us on Twitter.


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