Kitchen is Heart

Jul 5, 2011

Benjamin Franklin said, “A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body.”  In his time, fire was the only cooking option and heated debates were conducted in the heart of the home.  Kitchens have evolved from the days of wood burning stoves, but there’s no mistaking the home’s heart is in the kitchen.  Hearty winter soup, sweet chocolate cookies, and the morning aromas fill our hearts through our noses.  Kitchen is for family, friends and neighbors.  It is around the table where we learn about others and share ourselves as we pass the potatoes. Also, recall that the kitchen is where potential homebuyers find the pulse of possibility.

As you prepare your home for sale, the kitchen is a worthwhile investment.  Consider these small updating ideas:

Update Hardware With a plethora of choices, cabinet knobs, handles, and pulls can tie the kitchen together while giving it a newer look — even splurging on the best is still affordable.

Fresh Paint Peruse a recently published home decorating magazine and let the inspiration flow through to your paint brush.  Keeping neutral in mind, have fun matching your new hardware with paint colors to bring out the warmth.

Faucet Replacement The faucet is the most used tool in the kitchen.  Make it stand out and compliment to the hardware and paint.

Ceiling Light and Fan Replacing fixtures with a newer model is an instant remodel and can change the whole look and feel of the kitchen.  Find a ceiling fixture that matches the size and shape of the kitchen.  Keep in mind that a small kitchen will feel cramped and over crowed with a large fan.

Countertop If its wear and tear is showing, consider tiling it or splurge on a granite slab.

See you around the kitchen table!
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