Large Convenience, Smaller Home

Mar 30, 2011

The spatial decadence of newly built homes in the past ten years is coming to a close.  Home buyer tastes for grand homes have waned for a host of reasons.  Buyers seem to be feeling a renewed interest in ranch style homes. One of the main reasons for this trend is that baby boomers have expressed a desire to age more gracefully and safely without the need to contend with stairs. Moreover, present economic indicators have given buyers a reality check when purchasing homes. What are builders doing differently than in years past to meet this new demand?

It’s all about convenience.  Buyers now look for smaller, newer homes with the same convenient features found in the 3,000 ft2 homes, i.e., a kitchen that utilizes every nook and cranny for more storage and pantry areas; a bedroom that can serve as both a sleeping room and an office; a patio that allows for all-season entertaining; a laundry room that uses less space while allowing for storage and organizing. Builders have stepped up to meet these interests while using an average of 880 fewer square feet than in times past.

Additionally, buyers still expect energy saving features in these new homes. These efficiency needs are backed by stricter building codes ensuring buyers will find what they’re looking. As the housing market continues to stabilize, builders are rising to the occasion to meet the new demands.

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