Easy, Time-Saving Moving Tips

Apr 22, 2014

We’re always excited to help local homebuyers find their new homes and we know the process can be a long one. After all the paperwork and celebrating comes the hard part – the actual move. If you’re moving this spring, take a look at the following moving tips that will save you time and frustration.

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Pack an overnight bag.
After a full day of moving, you’re most likely not going to start unpacking. Usually people send their friends or the moving company away and fall right to sleep. By packing an overnight bag with the essentials like a set of clean clothes, toiletries, and chargers, you can easily crash after moving and wake up ready to start unpacking.

Clean before moving.
If you can and have the time, clean your new place before you move all of your stuff. This can really make a difference if you clean and set up the bathroom. Like we mentioned earlier, you’re going to be too tired after moving to start unpacking, but sometimes you need a nice shower in order to sleep comfortably.

Use sandwich bags.
When you take apart furniture, place screws, nails and other small pieces in labeled sandwich bags. Keep all the bags in the same box so that they are not easily lost.

Color code everything.
It’s always a good idea to label your boxes, but you can save time by using colored duct tape. Assign each room a color and stick a large piece of tape on the boxes. This will help movers identify where the boxes need to go without searching for small labels.

Use clear bins for priority materials.
The hardest part of unpacking is deciding where to start first. Use clear plastic bins for things that you’re going to need immediately like box cutters, cleaning products, and clothes.

Change your address two weeks prior to moving.
There are always a few last minute details to wrap up before you move and changing your address tends to be one of them. Instead of waiting until the week of your move, change your address two weeks in advance. This will save you from having to go back to your old property to collect mail.

These are just a few things you can do to make your move easier. For more helpful tips, check out our Facebook page.

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