Local Luxury: Fitness Centers in Colorado for Your Spring Break Body

Mar 20, 2017

Colorado may not have any beaches like some of the other Western states, but we still take fitness seriously. As the sun extends into the summer sky, the athletic clubs become more and more crowded. Here are some of the best gyms in Colorado where you can shed your winter weight and regain your summer body just in time for the season.

fitness centers in denver

  1. Barre Forte

Barre Forte has multiple locations all over the Denver metro area. Their formidable, energizing, and engaging classes are known for creating compact, yet powerful muscles, rather than bulky ones. They have all of the tools at their facilities to help you achieve the results you desire.

  1. Fit 36

Fit 36 offers results-driven workouts guaranteed to take up no more than 36 minutes of your time. They have certified personal trainers on staff at each location to ensure proper technique and improved efficiency of each workout. Heart-rate monitors are also available to ensure you stay in the proper anaerobic zones.

  1. Titanium Fitness Center

Titanium offers the complete package of fitness training. They offer everything from yoga, strength training, boxing, kickboxing, fighting fitness, nutrition classes and much more. Both owners also work as personal trainers in the gym, so customers get a personal experience with the inner working of the company.

  1. Cycle Bar DTC

Cycle Bar is the most comprehensive cycling workout in the state.  They offer anything from, a classic spin class to themed cycling experiences geared towards their client’s fitness goals. Their classes begin as early as 5:30 AM and run until you drop.

  1. 5280 Fit

5280 offers quality kickboxing and group fitness classes by certified instructors who are trained to motivate their members in the right direction. Locally owned and operated since 2000, they believe fitness hinges on two things: dedication and time. Their instructors are here to help teach you the necessary dedication in a timely manner that fits with any professional’s schedule.

Summers in Colorado are some of the best in the nation because of the dry-heat and endless sunshine. These conditions give Coloradans and tourists alike plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoor activities this state has to offer.

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