Local Luxury: Must Haves for the Host with the Most

Feb 6, 2017

Nothing is quite like a house full of guests. However, coordinating activities for everyone can be stressful and discount the excitement of the occasion.  Here are five ways you can be the host with the most this year.

luxury host

  1. snack traySet out a snack and drink tray

Oftentimes, staying at someone’s house alters our normal eating schedules, and our crankiest selves get loose. Set out a tray of snacks and drinks you know your guests will like. Something they can have whenever hunger strikes. We recommend always having bottled water and an assortment of teas and coffees readily available, as well.

  1. guest toiletriesStock up on essentials

It’s an inevitable part of traveling, forgetting something at home. We’ve all been there. Give your guests their own shelf or drawer stocked with essential toiletries like soap, lotion, and toothbrushes. Some other things to include are toilet paper, fresh towels, and an extra towel hook if necessary.

  1. Add a tour guide’s clipboard to a main room

No one wants to be the guest that is always asking how to get somewhere. This clipboard gives you a chance to answer all of your guests’ questions with one fell swoop. Include names and addresses of restaurants and attractions, your Wi-Fi password, and a few maps just in case.

  1. flowers in bedroomWarm welcomes are key

Go beyond just handshakes and help with the baggage. Chocolates on their pillows and fresh flowers in the room are nice ways of adding a touch of freshness to their stay. This can be the difference between guests staying in your spare room or their own sanctuary.

  1. luxury bathrobeRobe up

Nothing says hotel service like having enough robes for all of your guests, so why not go luxe? Consider extra blankets and comforters for their beds if your spare rooms are generally chilly.

The key to being the host with the most is paying attention to the small details that make a home special. Being able to put yourself in your guests’ shoes truly makes a difference in how you host. Chances are you know exactly what your guests are looking for in their stay.

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