Local Luxury Series: Top 10 Handcrafted Furniture Designers in Colorado

May 16, 2016

Nothing makes your house feel more like a home than a piece of personalized furniture. Custom furniture gives your luxury home a unique and a deeply personal look, as well as brings your personality and your community into any space. Here in Colorado there is an abundance of artists and artisans creating one-of-a-kind pieces for your home.

Customer Colorado Furniture

  1. Where Wood Meets Steel

This Denver design studio designs and builds high-end custom furniture and fixture for homes in Denver. Regardless of scale, Where Wood Meets Steel works closely with clients to realize design concepts in unique and functional ways, using locally-sourced sustainable products wherever possible.

  1. DoubleButter

A furniture and manufacturing company owned by David Larabee and Dexter Thornton, DoubleButter’s products are made entirely in Denver. The modern designs of DoubleButter have been featured in publications such as “dwell” and “Design Milk”, both highly regarded publications.

  1. Housefish

Housefish was created with the idea that traditional hand crafted methods could be combined with high tech digital fabrication to produce clevere, attainable, environmentally responsible furniture. All of the Housefish designs are produced in the RiNo neighborhood of Denver, Colorado and everything is sourced locally, right down to the screws.

  1. AND collaborative

The brainchild of two high school friends, AND collaborative offers custom-built furniture with a modern wood & steel design. An eclectic lookbook created entirely from past clients’ custom orders encourages the mind to soar with ideas. A truly 100% custom mentality gives AND collaborative a leg up when it comes to bringing the vision of your luxury home to life.

  1. Sjotime Industries

Pronounced “Showtime”, Sjotime Industries designs beautiful and unique furniture and accessories by combining old-school craftsmanship with ultra-techy digital production. Owner Dan Sjogren, working from his studio in Denver, is driven by the idea of lasting and well-crafted objects, and has forged his own niche in the modern home furnishing world.

  1. Black Hound Design Company

Black Hound Design Company specializes in custom furniture, woodworking and fabrication for Colorado. Black Hound designs each piece carefully, building unique and creative solutions for your home. Each piece is handcrafted using time-honored techniques, creating an authentic experience that starts with creative design and ends with construction that is built to last for generations.

  1. Azure Furniture

After pledging to give back to their beloved State of Colorado 5 years ago, Azure Furniture is proud to say that they have reclaimed over 100,000 feet of dead pine trees from Colorado’s devastated forests by only using Beetle Kill Pine, sourced right in our own backyard. Add this incredible mission to a beautiful collection of locally handmade furniture, and you’ve got yourself quite a place to shop for your modern luxury furniture.

  1. DeKoven Furniture

This custom-made furniture shop isn’t your modern-day design studio seen littering the RiNo neighborhood of Denver. The craftsmen at DeKoven are dedicated to producing limited production, heirloom quality furniture and work with clients to tailor each piece to your specifications. If you’re looking for a more classically designed piece for your home, DeKoven is the perfect place to commission custom work.

  1. Baldwin Custom Woodworking

If you’re looking for a creative and elegant design, Baldwin Custom Woodworking provides the perfect marriage of old and new world furniture. Owner Ryan Baldwin specializes in selecting and milling wood with special characteristics, and working to enhance the natural beauty of each piece by artfully combining unique colors, texture and grains.

  1. Old Wood Soul

Old Wood Soul got their start in local woodworking when they were hard-pressed to find the perfect place to break bread on their wedding day. Now, a few years later, their taking that same love of the perfectly crafted table to consumers in Colorado also looking for the perfect addition to their kitchen or office space. Design a custom dining table for you home that represents your style and complements your decor with Old Wood Soul.

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