Local Luxury: Top 10 Landscape Architects in Colorado

Apr 18, 2016

Spring is here and it’s time to tidy up your landscaping. Colorado’s unique weather can make landscaping complicated, so leave it to the professionals. Here are 10 of Colorado’s best landscape architects:


  1. Ivy Street Design – Outdoor settings that feel alive and burst with color. Take a look at their award winning projects to get a feel for their aesthetic.
  2. Elevate by Design – Making grand spaces feel warm and inviting. Their architects have won awards and been featured on HGTV.
  3. Luxescapes – Find the perfect patio vibe. Luxescapes has an eye for thematic design and creating a specific atmosphere.
  4. Weston – For a design that coexists with the beauty of Colorado. Their fire elements are particularly cozy.
  5. Jump Design – Taking advantage of green space and true outdoor living. Knowledgeable in both commercial and residential design, they make beautiful use of space.
  6. Higher Ground – Unique landscapes and living solutions. A landscape by Higher Ground will set your home apart from the rest.
  7. Mountain Designscapes – From water to stone and in between. A family owned business that perfects both large and small projects.
  8. A Perfect Landscape – Over 22 years of experience in the Colorado region. They understand how local weather impacts design and maintenance.
  9. Art of the Land – Practical and artistic outdoor design. They strive to balance comfort and art with sustainability.
  10. Landscape Connection – Tailored designs that work for your specific environment. Landscape Connection focuses on working with the beauty of your existing space.

Whatever your taste and inspiration, there is a landscape architect suited for your project. Shop around and look at each company’s gallery to develop a better sense of which is right for you. Spring is certainly the season for changes and perfecting your outdoor space not only creates a more enjoyable environment for you and your family, but can increase your home’s value.

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