Look Forward to a Bright 2014

Dec 9, 2013

Metro Denver’s total output of goods and services (gross metropolitan product) is expected to rise by 3.2% next year, a much faster pace than the last few years, according to a new report from a unit of Colorado’s Information Handling Services (IHS Inc).

Here’s a basic outline of the report:

  • Metro Denver’s gross metro product accounts for 61.3 percent of Colorado’s total output, followed by Colorado Springs (10.2%) and Boulder (7.4%)
  • IHS Global Insights projects the Denver-Aurora-Broomfield area’s economic output to rise by 3.2% next year, up 2.0% in 2013, 2.5% in 2012, and 1.7% in 2011
  • Metro Denver’s gross metro product totals $173.3 billion this year and is expected to rise to $182.2 billion in 2014
  • Denver’s economic output ranks 18th among 363 U.S. metros
  • Colorado as a whole produced economic output of $274 million last year, 19th among the states

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