Looking for “The One”

Feb 10, 2014

Buying a home is a major accomplishment in your life and we understand that finding a new home comes with high standards. You are looking for a place to live, to grow, and to make your own. That means your search shouldn’t end with you “settling”. You need to find “the one” and Alaris Properties can help.

Alaris PropertiesWhen you start your search for the perfect home, it’s good to create “Needs and Wants” lists. First think of your dream home. What makes it special to you? Make a list. Now think of your budget. How much on your list can you afford?

Your Needs list should include features that are so important you wouldn’t sacrifice them. For example, maybe your dream home means living within walking distance to your child’s school, or having a new or remodeled kitchen.

Your Wants list is different. Features on your wants list are things you can comfortably live without or change later. If you’re hoping for new wood flooring and you find a home that meets all of your Needs, you can always redo them later. If a home has everything you want but no patio in the back, add it later! Sometimes, finding “the one” means getting your hands dirty with a few projects.

Once you’ve created your “Needs and Wants” lists, share them with us. We work endlessly to help you find “the one.” Bring your lists with you to the first appointment and we will help determine what is feasible within your budget. At Alaris, knowledge is key and we have been in the business long enough to help you successfully find your dream home. Contact us today.

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