Looking to Add Curb Appeal?

Mar 13, 2014

Are you looking to add curb appeal on a budget? It’s hard to look at your home the way a potential buyer sees it, because after spending so much time there you get used to its quirks and imperfections. However, your home’s curb appeal is what makes the first impression on a buyer and you need to make sure it’s sending the right message.

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Dress up the front door to add a strong focal point. A little color goes a long way. Paint your front door to get it to stand out, or add tasteful decoration to draw the eye. Don’t forget to polish any door knobs and wash the windows.

Spruce up your porch or stoop with fresh potted plants. This is a good idea if you don’t have time to do any major landscaping. Container gardens create a welcoming look and add life to your front entry.

Outdoor lighting in your landscaping can make a huge impact on your home’s outdoor look. Small fixtures along pathways can add accent lighting. If you have a fixture above your doorway, make sure it’s clean (you’re bound to find a few dead bugs) and replace the burnt out light bulbs.

If you’re looking to add charm and color to your home, install window boxes. They’ll give your home a cozy cottage look.

Gutters with rust spots, peeling paint and other problems can cause your home to look worn and weathered. Although potential buyers may not immediately notice the gutters of your home, you’ll see the difference if you repair or replace them.

A good power wash will remove dirt, scum and salt from your front porch. Freshen up the exterior of your home by giving everything a good wash, including the windows.

Cleaning out your flower beds will have a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal. Once again if you don’t have time to do any landscaping, at least take a moment to clean out any dead plants or debris from flower beds and add fresh mulch. This will at least give your yard a clean look.

Want to give your home a peaceful and welcoming look? Install outdoor art pieces such as sculptures, birdbaths and windchimes.

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