Love Where You Live Series: 7 Must-Try Mudroom Hacks

Oct 3, 2016

Just because the mudroom is often the dirtiest room in the house doesn’t mean you should forget about how it looks. Yes, you want to privilege function, but you don’t have to sacrifice style to do so.  These seven hacks are guaranteed to keep your mudroom looking fresh this fall.


  1. Dutch Doors and Brick Floors.

Dutch doors allow fresh air to circulate through the room without letting any dust and dirt in. They are also known as stable doors, and when one is paired with a brick floor, it exudes an authentic farmhouse look.

  1. Entryway Wall Storage

It seems simple, but this is a proven way to maximize your space. Whether you use it as a coat rack or to store some extra lawn tools, having a place to hang-up your stuff allows you more room to incorporate other pieces into the room design.

  1. Must have: Real Simple® 3-Cube Split-Top Bench Storage Unit from Bed Bath and Beyond

This piece certainly fits the functional criteria for a mudroom accessory. With three cubbies under its bench, it can store shoes, sports equipment, and seasonal accessories like gloves, hats, and scarves, while functioning as a comfortable sitting area.

  1. Patterned Floor Tile

This is a subtle way of adding character to a room without breaking the bank on decorations.

  1. Must Have: Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Winter always follows fall’s footsteps closely, which means that the floors leading to an outside door will soon freeze as well. Adding a rug to the room can save you the task of crossing that tundra with bare feet.

  1. Add Natural Light

Natural light is the easiest way to warm up a room. You can achieve this by adding in a window, or skylight if you have the ceiling space.

  1. Must Have: Boot Tray with Liner

Don’t want muddy shoes and filthy cleats tracking through your room? Add this piece next to the door so they can be taken off before entering the rest of the house. The liner speeds up drying time after cleaning, and ensures the tray will last.

Adding a few little designs to the mudroom will take it from drab to dreamy. These quick and simple hacks can make your mudroom one to be enjoyed rather than used.

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