Love Where You Live Series: Spruce Up Your Outdoor Spaces for Summer

Jul 11, 2016

Summer is in full swing and it is the perfect time to start entertaining. Colorado is home to some of the best summertime weather, making it the perfect place to host outdoor gatherings, barbecues and cocktail parties. Spruce up your outdoor areas this summer with these inspiring ideas:

luxury patio

Add an Exotic Daybed to Your Seating Area

The one thing your Colorado mountain home may be missing is an outdoor eclectic daybed. What better way to give your guests a relaxing, fun, cozy atmosphere than giving them the option to sit back and relax while enjoying the view.

Bring the Comforts of Inside, Outside

An outdoor fireplace will take your outdoor space from a nice sitting area to an outdoor living room. This high-end accessory will keep you warm on chilly evenings, and create a focal point for your outdoor furniture arrangements.

Upgrade Your Grill

outdoor grill

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One thing that sets Colorado mountain luxury homes apart from other mountain homes are their grills.. While sprucing up your outdoor area in preparation for the summer, upgrade your stand alone grill to a built-in, complete with sink, ice machine, and under-cabinet refrigerator. Set the tone of your outdoor soirees with luxury marble or granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, including your grill.

Invest in A Heated Deck

When it’s time to transition from a summer to a winter, there is no better luxury upgrade an outdoor space than a heated deck. Eliminate icy walkways, added snow shoveling, and keep your deck open for use even longer. When entertaining in your luxury mountain home, a heated deck is a luxury you will appreciate.

It’s our responsibility at Alaris Properties not only to help you find the perfect luxury mountain home, but also to provide you with everything to you need to make it your own after you move in. Whether you’re enjoying your outdoor space while visiting your mountain vacation home, or entertaining all summer long, upgrading your outdoor space can be fun and add value to your property.

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